Thursday, July 15, 2010


54 Days Left

I'm beginning to have a Tourette reaction to hearing water drip. I was sitting here perusing my favorite blogs when I heard a funny "drip-sploosh". Now I still don't know what it is or was, but I hear it about every 10 minutes or so. It can't be good.

We have had our share of leaks - I was going to say lately - but actually water has been an ongoing source of interesting problems since we've been married.  Soon after we moved in, we had hurricane leftover rain.  That brought about 11 inches of water in the basement.  So Bill, Bryan and Steve dug trenches around the house to create French drains to take the water away. 

The next basement flood was only about 3 inches.  This time we discovered that the sump pump was taking the water from the sump and pumping it to the other side of the house and dropping it next to the foundation.  So we had to re-route the sump outlet to carry it farther from the house.

The next time the basement flooded was about 1 inch and this time the sump wasn't able to handle the load of water.  So Bryan and Bill dug out a second sump well.  This is twice the size of the original and is now the primary pump.  Fingers crossed!

So the ground water leaking into the basement seemed to be fixed.  Imagine our surprise when the basement had water in it again.  After investigation we discovered no rain caused this, but it was a pinhole in the copper pipe.  It was a pipe we could get to in my garage.  So he cut back the drywall until he got to the little sprayer.  Bill fixed it.  We took everything out of the garage, fixed the drywall and painted the garage.  It needed it.

A couple of weeks ago I go to get in my car one Sunday morning and there is water dripping from the garage ceiling.  Had to cut open the drywall and find the leak.  I won't even tell you how many pipes were cut to find/fix the leak.  Nor how much drywall was destroyed.  We ended up staying in a hotel that night 'cause we couldn't turn the water back on.. The next day he struggled to get the pipes soldered.  The banging and grunting were memorable.  He got it fixed enough that we could turn the water back on.  The third day he got it all fixed. 

Then about a week later he came into the bedroom fussing about the cat peeing on the carpeted stairs in the foyer.  I cleaned and dried it up but was confused why the cat would pee on the stairs.  The next day we discovered it was actually a pipe with a pinhole...... again.  Back to the garage to cut open MORE of the drywall.  Pipes are fixed now - fingers crossed.  Soon we'll fix the drywall.

None of this includes running toilets, leaking shut off valves, dripping faucets and shower heads.  AAARGH!

The dripping, sploosh noise has stopped.  Well, the TV is on in the kitchen - maybe I just can't hear it.  At least there is no water on the floor - or in the basement.  I feel the Tourette tics starting again.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


59 days left!

This is my grandmother Jennie Hillegass Slotter. This was taken on or about her birthday in 1960 or '61. As the story goes - Daddy gave Mrs. Bauman some money to buy Grandma a glass of wine at her birthday dinner. They, Mrs. Bauman, Lucy Bauman Kern, baby Mark Kern, took her to the Collegeville Inn for Dinner.

It is the first color picture I remember seeing of Grandma.  Lucy Kern gave it to me 3 months ago .  Notice the “old” cars in the background!  Grandma died around 1965.   
Lucy and I were talking about aging today versus then.  Seems people like Grandma and Lucy's mother was a lot older at 65-70 than people are now.  She was probably the age I am now when I would travel on the bus to Allentown with her.  We would go to Hess's where Grandma would go to the exotic foods counter and buy some candy.  Next was Farrs shoes where we would put our feet in the xray contraption that showed you whether you had enough room in your shoes!  At some point we took a taxi to Grandma's doctor.  I went in the room with her and watched as she got what I can only guess were cortisone shots in her hands and knees.  The doctor would massage the "shot place" for a few seconds - was it painful?  I think it was. 

I just remember a much older woman than I think I am.  Yet she came and took care of us after Mom died.  That had to be hard.  She stepped into a grieving household of her son and the five kids.  I'm sure we didn't appreciate what she did.  Heck - who does appreciate their parents?

Anyway, for some reason I was thinking about her today.  It is good to see the photo of her.  Many memories came flooding back.  I often spent the night at her house.  It was good.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My husband took me to a nearby park for a quiet lunch. It was peaceful, romantic and delightful. We haven't done this since I worked near Valley Forge. He used to come down and we would go to lunch at the park. Sigh! It was really nice.