Thursday, June 10, 2010

This and That

89 Days Left.

Less than three months to 60 - but the more surprising thing about it is that when I turn 60 all the kids will be back in school after their summer vacation.  Most around here aren't yet done with school. 

My garden and bushes and trees have had no attention from me this year - yet.  We got the outside of our house painted which I used as an excuse to not do gardening.  It actually was a good reason, but now I have to get cracking. I am annoyed how quickly the weeds take over.  My rhododendron, azalea and iris flowers were still beautiful a week ago and now are shriveled, brown and icky. 

My/our biggest problem is spots.  These little black spots appeared last year at the end of the season.  They are on the deck, plastic hose box, my herbs, flowers etc.  I tried an assortment of chemicals to get rid of them to no avail.  So, I wrote to the Penn State extension.  These are called artillery mold.  Called so because they can shoot spores over very loong distances.  They can last years protected in the spots.   AND IT COMES FROM WOOD MULCH!  Probably most distressing - your best bet is to scrape them off - chemical cleaners have little or no affect on the spores.  ARGH!

So think of me sitting out there scraping dots off the stuff on my deck.  Of course, Homer will be watching.

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