Friday, January 22, 2010

Time Zones

228 Days to go.

I know it is silly - but I always wanted to live in the western time zone.  Actually - to be more accurate - I always wished that this time zone was the western one.  I don't want to live on the West Coast as it is too far from friends and family, but the time zone is another thing. 

Imagine working for an east coast company.  They don't really expect you to be at work until 11 AM EST.  Then at 5 or 6 PM EST, everyone in the east goes home.  Essentially you have a 5-6 hour work day.  Watching sporting events must be great.  The first football game is on at 10 AM.  (Hmmmm - interferes with church. Would have to figure something out.)  And the baseball and basketball playoffs are actually over at a reasonable hour.  Yes, I think I would really like that.  All the other programming is at the same time as the east coast.

The real issue is how our lives are dominated by thoughts of time.  Need more time, takes too much time, no time left, time's up!  (How many days until I turn 60?) Do we even think about time when there is more than we need?  Is there ever more than we need?  If the doctor says, "Get your affairs in order", I can't imagine we'd think - Thanks for the heads up.  I probably would think I didn't have enough time. 

As I get older, I do wish for more time.  Especially time to spend with the people we love: our children, grandchildren, siblings, their children. The list goes on.  Do we appreciate each other more if we see each other less?  What would it be like to all live in the same town, on the same homestead?  How much time together is the right amount?

I guess the time zone isn't that important after all.  What is important is what we do with the time we have.  I save my time for important things.  Just ask Maxine..........

Maybe I could rearrange my priorities - a bit.

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