Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey Guys!

226 Days Left

Is any other woman offended by a waiter or waitress referring to a group you are in as "Guys"? Not just a group - it happens when Bill and I are alone are the group.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?"
"You guys plan to have dessert?"
"Are you guys ready to order?"
"You guys need refills?"

In this day and age of right speak, or whatever you want to call it,  I am surprised this has not been the subject of any discussion.  Since noticing it a year or two ago, I have really become sensitized to the address "guys"  So I thought about a substitute word, and have concluded that "guys" is redundant.  It is always preceded by "you" and if removed from these examples ceases annoying me.

Now, I have thought of myself as "one of the guys" in sports, business and a myriad other areas.  But I never expected to be called a guy. 

So all people out there, help me get "guys" removed from restaurant speak.

Or as Elvis would say, "Thank you, thank you very much."


Jim said...

I only remember two waitresses using the phrase. In both cases it was simply that the waitress was glad to see some of her regular customers. And both of them knew our first names, so it was just a friendly greeting. My pet restaurant peeves are: 1. Surly wait-staff.
2. Poorly prepared food.
3. Overall bad service.

Perlis said...

Bet ya don't read da comments from da pooblic what done made dem.

Dave Johnson said...

I am with you on this Linda. I especially noticed it when I was teaching large undergrad psych classes which are 85% female. Saying to the class "what do you guys think?" sounded inappropriate. I have to say "yall" is an especially useful word...although it sounds really casual and slangish. But I can get away with it by saying I lived in NC for 5 years.