Friday, January 8, 2010

Go Team Go!

242 Days Left

I got to thinking about sports teams and how we root for a certain team.  And it is all very simple yet very complicated. 

It starts with picking a team to root for (or is it - for which to root?).  I probably like Philly teams because I grew up here and my family rooted for the Phillies and the Eagles.  But I find that if someone I know well has a different special team, it can make me like that team, too.  However, there are certain teams that I can't imagine rooting for: The Cowboys, Red Sox, Mets come to mind and come to think of it - that might be it. 

I never developed game day superstitious behaviors, but I watch these games like I watch scary movies. First, I have a book in my lap that I can look at if I don't like what is going on. Second, I can escape to the kitchen if it gets too tense. Third, I listen to the announcers so I know when to look up and cheer or look away (Drat!). Finally, I am happiest when the game is an Eagles / Phillies blowout - then I can settle in and watch the game.

So there is a big game for the Eagles vs. the dreaded Cowboys this Saturday night.  I'm thinking that they will be better off if I don't watch the game.  I haven't been home to see many games this year - but I have watched BOTH losing games against the Cowboys.  Herein lies the problem.  Coincidence?  Perhaps not!  Maybe I'm cursed.

I am getting a complex about the teams I cheer for even casually.  Last night I liked Texas longhorns - they lost.  I rooted for Florida in the SEC championship game - they lost.  Cornell was beating Kansas (Basketball) until I started paying attention to the game - then Cornell lost.  Maybe if I employ reverse psychology and root for the team I don't want to win.........

That's it!  That will be my win-win scenario.  I root for the Cowboys and if they win, hey - that's who I rooted for and the curse is broken.  If they lose - the Eagles win!  Good news again! (Although there still might be a curse).

I don't know - I'm still playing around with my options......

Here is my favorite Eagles photo.  Thought I'd share it with you.


Jim said...

Now it's your turn (or whoever bet ON the Beagles). Say "WOOF WOOF" Beagles. And now Mike Shanahan will probably make the Redskins into the new best rival to the Cowheads. Bye Beagles. It would be nice to say "BYE" to Reid (outcoached AGAIN)and McNabb (can't hit anyone in stride...sometimes not even standing still).

Eric and Wendy said...

Who do you like in the Championship game? I will put a grand on the team you dont pick and then send you a cut. DEAL?

Dave said...

Love seeing you back in the blogger-world Linda. Its really funny- I get super nervous watching games too. I once asked a professor mine who specializes in Anxiety, "If anxiety is my response to a threat to my physical safety- why do I feel so nervous watching the Eagles play? Its not like I'm gonna get sacked sitting in my living room on the sofa!" But yet there I am picking my fingernails, stomach in a knot, edge of the couch. My next blog entry is gonna be about my new years resolutions to manage my anxiety better- for reals.