Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey Guys!

226 Days Left

Is any other woman offended by a waiter or waitress referring to a group you are in as "Guys"? Not just a group - it happens when Bill and I are alone are the group.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?"
"You guys plan to have dessert?"
"Are you guys ready to order?"
"You guys need refills?"

In this day and age of right speak, or whatever you want to call it,  I am surprised this has not been the subject of any discussion.  Since noticing it a year or two ago, I have really become sensitized to the address "guys"  So I thought about a substitute word, and have concluded that "guys" is redundant.  It is always preceded by "you" and if removed from these examples ceases annoying me.

Now, I have thought of myself as "one of the guys" in sports, business and a myriad other areas.  But I never expected to be called a guy. 

So all people out there, help me get "guys" removed from restaurant speak.

Or as Elvis would say, "Thank you, thank you very much."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Time Zones

228 Days to go.

I know it is silly - but I always wanted to live in the western time zone.  Actually - to be more accurate - I always wished that this time zone was the western one.  I don't want to live on the West Coast as it is too far from friends and family, but the time zone is another thing. 

Imagine working for an east coast company.  They don't really expect you to be at work until 11 AM EST.  Then at 5 or 6 PM EST, everyone in the east goes home.  Essentially you have a 5-6 hour work day.  Watching sporting events must be great.  The first football game is on at 10 AM.  (Hmmmm - interferes with church. Would have to figure something out.)  And the baseball and basketball playoffs are actually over at a reasonable hour.  Yes, I think I would really like that.  All the other programming is at the same time as the east coast.

The real issue is how our lives are dominated by thoughts of time.  Need more time, takes too much time, no time left, time's up!  (How many days until I turn 60?) Do we even think about time when there is more than we need?  Is there ever more than we need?  If the doctor says, "Get your affairs in order", I can't imagine we'd think - Thanks for the heads up.  I probably would think I didn't have enough time. 

As I get older, I do wish for more time.  Especially time to spend with the people we love: our children, grandchildren, siblings, their children. The list goes on.  Do we appreciate each other more if we see each other less?  What would it be like to all live in the same town, on the same homestead?  How much time together is the right amount?

I guess the time zone isn't that important after all.  What is important is what we do with the time we have.  I save my time for important things.  Just ask Maxine..........

Maybe I could rearrange my priorities - a bit.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Go Team Go!

242 Days Left

I got to thinking about sports teams and how we root for a certain team.  And it is all very simple yet very complicated. 

It starts with picking a team to root for (or is it - for which to root?).  I probably like Philly teams because I grew up here and my family rooted for the Phillies and the Eagles.  But I find that if someone I know well has a different special team, it can make me like that team, too.  However, there are certain teams that I can't imagine rooting for: The Cowboys, Red Sox, Mets come to mind and come to think of it - that might be it. 

I never developed game day superstitious behaviors, but I watch these games like I watch scary movies. First, I have a book in my lap that I can look at if I don't like what is going on. Second, I can escape to the kitchen if it gets too tense. Third, I listen to the announcers so I know when to look up and cheer or look away (Drat!). Finally, I am happiest when the game is an Eagles / Phillies blowout - then I can settle in and watch the game.

So there is a big game for the Eagles vs. the dreaded Cowboys this Saturday night.  I'm thinking that they will be better off if I don't watch the game.  I haven't been home to see many games this year - but I have watched BOTH losing games against the Cowboys.  Herein lies the problem.  Coincidence?  Perhaps not!  Maybe I'm cursed.

I am getting a complex about the teams I cheer for even casually.  Last night I liked Texas longhorns - they lost.  I rooted for Florida in the SEC championship game - they lost.  Cornell was beating Kansas (Basketball) until I started paying attention to the game - then Cornell lost.  Maybe if I employ reverse psychology and root for the team I don't want to win.........

That's it!  That will be my win-win scenario.  I root for the Cowboys and if they win, hey - that's who I rooted for and the curse is broken.  If they lose - the Eagles win!  Good news again! (Although there still might be a curse).

I don't know - I'm still playing around with my options......

Here is my favorite Eagles photo.  Thought I'd share it with you.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

249 Days Left.

Ho hum - another year is gone and a new year begun.  I've never been one to get wrapped up in new beginnings or do-over dates.  I never made a New Year's resolution - at least I don't remember ever making one.  I think if it is worth the resolve, then do it when you realize it. 

I may not do resolutions - but I must be superstitious.  Today - like every other New Year's Day - we had pork and sauerkraut.  It was really good.

And what a difference a digital thermometer has made to my cooking!  Is that a beautiful pork roast, or what?  It (the thermometer) has eliminated dried out meats. 

So, now I officially have 249 days until I have to get a new driver's license photo.  Hate it!  Oh well, as a wise friend once said - You may not like how you look today - but 5 years from now - you'll marvel at how young you used to look.

Time to exercise......