Monday, October 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

323 Days Left

The weather has been really lousy lately.  Except today.  Today was one of those glorious fall days that make you love the northeast: Bright sun, crisp air and such beautiful colors on the trees and bushes.  Sometimes you have to just go out and breathe deeply and relish the day.  It feeds your spirit.

It seems our dear beloved cat Homer is getting old.  It makes me very sad.  I have always loved that he sits with me and follows me around.  In fact, right now he is laying by my feet on the floor.  He talks to me, listens to me when I talk to him, flushes the toilet when he wants a drink and is generally the best cat ever.

He had a bout with diabetes the year we went to Alaska.  The vet says it was most likely caused by the stress of us being away for nearly a month.  We had to give him insulin shots twice a day for about 6 months.  Then his blood sugar went back to normal.  But his diet has been permanently altered.  He can no longer have dry food.  So we have a special canned food for him.  We add glucosamine to his food because his joints are painful to him. 

It doesn't matter if you are human or not, when you have good health, you have everything.  He is on my mind because we are leaving for a few days soon and he will be mostly alone.  Our dear nephew comes by twice a day to feed him and spend time with him while we are gone. But as we start packing our bags, Homer knows.  He parks himself on the side of the hallway and refuses to sit with either of us.  He is on alert - knowing we are leaving and he usually tries to run out of the house before we go.

He just came over to get petted and see what I'm writing about him.  His purr is really loud as I pick him up and put him on my lap.  Well, that lasted about 30 seconds! 

Now that he is gone, I can tell you that his bathroom habits leave something to be desired.  He is not as neat or as accurate as he once was.  And sometimes he decides he'd rather go somewhere else.  But I'd better not let him catch me talking about it.  All in all - I'm glad he found Steve those many years ago.  And I'm glad Steve coaxed him into our lives.  He has been a wonderful companion - and I hope he is for many years to come.


Dave Johnson said...

You better be careful Steve doesn't try to sneak Homer away at Christmas time. I know he misses Homer big time!

Jim said...

Once upon a day quite dreary
snow fell and made us weary
Probably sometime before the spring
another entry, and so more bling.