Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Skill

336 days to go.

In the last few weeks I have been going to sporting events with Bill and manning a camera.  By and large, I have been mostly taking up space.  I come home and view the photos I took and am sorely disappointed. 

Example 1:

Not bad composition - but IT IS OUT OF FOCUS!!!

Example 2:

In focus - but MISSED THE PLAY!!!

Then the ultimate faux pas

Example 3:

THE CAMERA IS SET WRONG!!!  I didn't change it with the light.  Doh!

So today I had another chance.  We had a JV football game and I thought I made some serious progress.  But the time between finishing the event and getting home and viewing the photos was long, and time enough to doubt.  So it was with some angst that I started viewing them. 

I am pleasantly surprised.  There are more good photos than before (notice I didn't say more good than bad).  And I actually photographed two series and kept the blokes in focus!  You have no idea what a challenge that is!

Here is a favorite from today:

Pretty cool, huh?



Michelle Slotter said...

Cool picture Linda!! I'm sure that things will come together with practice. If you need more practice, you can always shoot Amanda's games!! She already has her own fan section at games, now she could have a photographer as well. LOL!!

Jim said...

Good picture. And I'm absolutely certain you'll improve each time. Plus you have the distinct advantage of consulting an expert (Bill) when questions arise.
Take Amanda pics, but take other active grandkid pics as events warrant. They make a great blog feature (hint hint).

Dave said...

Fun new hobby!