Friday, September 4, 2009

September is Special

368 days left

I love September - school starts, flowers and vegetables are bursting out of the garden and the leaves turn those fabulous autumn colors. But what I like best about September is the crisp air, fall sports, apple harvesting and school supplies. Did you know that almost every September day is a celebration day? We celebrate the newspaper carrier day today. In case you missed it, Wednesday was National Blueberry popsicle day. And tomorrow is National Cheese Pizza day. Bill is so happy that we didn't miss pizza day......

The whole month is incredibly important. Where would we be without the special remembrances that fall to September?
•Baby Safety Month
•Better Breakfast Month
•Cable TV Month
•Children's Eye Health and Safety Month (not to be confused with BABY safety)
•Classical Music Month (competing with cable tv - tough one)
•Library Card Sign-Up Month
•National Chicken Month (do chicken really need a month? )
•National Courtesy Month (you're welcome)
•National Honey Month (food or people?)
•National Pediculosis Prevention Month (WTH? - this means HEAD LICE!!!!)
•National Piano Month
•National Rice Month
•National School Success Month
•National Sewing Month
•Read-A-New-Book Month
•Women of Achievement Month

There are so many family birthdays and anniversaries in September, I thought I’d match them to national days.

Jackie’s birthday – Sept 6 – Read a Book Day (bookworm 1)
Katie J’s birthday – Sept 8 – International Literacy Day (bookworm 2)
My birthday – Sept 8 – Pardon Day (think Richard Nixon – Gerald Ford, argh!)
Andy’s birthday – Sept 9 – Teddy Bear Day (aw…… reminds me of orange bear)
Pam’s birthday – Sept 10 – Swap Ideas Day (Freecycle alive and well)
Pam & Brian’s anniversary – Sept 10 – TV Dinner Day (‘Nuff said – LOL)
Dave’s birthday – Sept 11 – Make Your Bed Day (OR how to be a great husband..)
Bryan’s birthday – Sept 12 – National Chocolate Milkshake Day (great day)
Beverly’s birthday – Sept 14 – First Department Store opens (if you know Bev..)
Dann & Lisa’s anniversary – Sept 16 – National Working Parents Day (always working)
Katie B’s birthday – Sept 17 – National Apple Dumpling Day (mmmmm)
Someone should have this birthday – Sept 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day (arrrrgh!)
Jim’s birthday – Sept 20 – First Railroad Station Opened, Sophia Loren’s birthday (Va-va-va-voom)
Nathan’s birthday – Sept 21 – Miniature Golf Day (can’t wait to take him)
Evan & Donna’s anniversary – Sept 24 – National Bluebird of Happiness Day (so sweet!)
Amanda’s birthday – Sept 29 – Scotland Yard was formed (this fits you Amanda!)

Celebrate the month (head lice? I think not), buy some pencils and pick some apples. That reminds me - it's time to make applesauce.


Bill said...

Let's get our pizza.

scissorbill said...

9/13 Grandparents' Day

Jim said...

Sophia Loren!! Ohhh yeah!!

Eric and Wendy said...

Do you have a lice comb i can borrow? Nathan wants his cut of that apple sauce your making too! HUG

Jim said...

So the blog is over? This soon?