Wednesday, September 23, 2009


349 days left

I can't figure out why I am having such trouble finding something to write about. My brother (whose birthday I forgot) nudged me about not writing today. The big 59 day came and went without any angst. So it isn't that. I think I've just been busy with stuff - and when I am, I don't spend time thinking about anything. I'm busy doing.

Part of what I'm not thinking about is losing weight. Actually, it is almost all I think about. I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!! My fatness is driving me crazy. It has been about 4 years since I really started putting on the pounds. At least I think it is 4 years. Wow - maybe it is longer..... Anyway, I am planning a new regimen, and am working a part of it already. It is important that Bill and I do this together. Why, you ask? Because we both have health issues that will go away if and when we lose weight. I have a fatty liver, he has high blood pressure - YUCH!

Bill is bicycling! Or he will be when he finds a bicycle that fits him.

Notice the One Way sign! He is so cute.....

So - we have serious, significant weight to lose. I may work my way into bicycling, but at this point I have it in my head that I'm going to fall and rip all the skin off my arms and legs. At some point when that fear dissipates, then I can ride. For now, I am walking outside. I was using the treadmill until we had our basement floods and leaks. Always, always, always the leaks are over and around the exercise equipment (giving me a good excuse to take a break). We can no longer be cavalier about our commitment.

Now we embark on our journey to healthy bodies! I wonder why it is so difficult......


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Jim said...

Good luck. Bill's 'reason' sounds like him. Whenever he doesn't really want to do something, there's an 'if' clause somewhere in his statement of intent.
I prefer walking myself. In our area it's much safer than cycling.