Monday, August 10, 2009

Tech No Savvy

Last week my big computer flat screen died. The worst part is - it had the speakers for my computer. I went soundless for a few days but then today I found Bose speakers for $60 and they are GREAT! But good grief, it took me an hour to connect two plugs (had to read all the directions). While I was at it, I got a webcam. I couldn't understand why everything is out-of-focus. I was ready to box it up and return it. Turns out - it is manual focus! Doh!

I keep trying to keep up with all the technology changes. Part of me wants to be "hip" or "cool" - but trust me, I know better. I find that technology is not keep-upable. I lag the market and at some point catch up to the rear.

Reminds me of a shirt I saw. It said "I handle wild animals for a living. If you see me running - KEEP UP!"


BILL said...

Compared to me you are a techno geek.

Dave Johnson said...

If you really want to get techno savvy I just heard about a video twitter where you can set a camera up and everyone in the world can see what you are doing at every minute!