Monday, August 24, 2009

Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc.

379 days left.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace - I've tried them all including the 'professional' one LinkedIn. With both Twitter and MySpace I ended up with these strange and weird people following me or asking to "talk" to me. Okay - maybe they aren't weird: what do you think about names like "hardbodier55r" and "actressgirld33" and "xoxolauren13737"? I'm holding out for strange at least. I suspect their goal has to do with the number of people following them. Sorry, not interested.

LinkedIn is different. It is a sort of online resume where you and your business associates connect, find out who is hiring, and you can find out who knows who (or is it whom?). Get it? You're linked in! The really funny part is that people swap recommendations. What I mean is, you'll see a dynamite recommendation FOR Mary by Tom - and on Tom's page you'll find a terrific recommendation BY Mary. It has been fun connecting with former colleagues, finding out where they've landed and how they're doing. I think you can do much harm on all these sites if you ever forget that your information is floating out in cyberspace and available for all to see.

To date, my favorite is Facebook. Our family is quite scattered across the world, and Facebook helps us keep in touch. You don't have to make 10 phone calls to share daily news - and frankly you're likely to not make those calls about soccer games, books you finish or fun you've had. I've found high school friends! I get to share photos and videos of our life and get to see how their lives have turned out. But things move through so quickly that it is easy to miss fun or important news.

Here is something I don't want you to miss. I want you to see my video. It is 25 seconds from our lives. Nathan and Pop-pop were having a silly time with blocks. Hope you enjoy it.

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Dave Johnson said...

Love seeing the videos! It is neat how technology brings us together despite thousands of miles. I'm holding out until they can beam a hologram of you into my living room- then I'll sign up for Facebook.