Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Always Weird or Newly Weird?

I find that the older I get the weirder I am. Or maybe I'm just noticing things that were always there.

Take tonight for instance. We have tickets to the local AAA baseball game. I usually carry a backpack with ponchos, an umbrella, suntan lotion, binoculars, a camera and other silly things "just in case I need them". As we rode in the car to the game, I decided to remove the ponchos, lotion and umbrella and leave them in the car - after all it was a 7:00 game and the sky was blue.
(Sidebar: There was a player for the other team that Bill photographed at Messiah College a few years ago. He hit a home run!)

So as the game progresses, I notice the sky getting darker and darker. I check the weather map on my phone and the storm is coming our direction. I am now convinced that lightening and heavy rain are on the way and we have to leave. Bill is a good sport and I am the baseball fan - so he's fine if I want to leave. So we did.

You can guess that the storm never happened and golly - could the sky have gotten darker cause it was NIGHT???

I told you - I'm getting weirder all the time.

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Dave Johnson said...

I was cracking up reading this ; )
And I dig your countdown gadget...very hip.